SIPHU will be first of its kind, not only in the Indian/Pakistan community, but also of any programs that are housed at U of M. The program will hire undergraduate students/alumini who have learned the language and are trained in language teaching from their teaching experience as tutors at U of M. and another group of undergraduate students who have been engaged in Indian classical dance and singing since they were little. 

Program Director – Sungok Hong

Program Assistant – Trey Sorensen/Abigail Rauls

Language Teaching Staff:

Sungok Hong

Abigail Rauls

Sumitra Ramachandran

Culture Teaching Staff:

Mehndi – Arooba Shahid

Rangoli – Sumitra Ramachandran

Bhangra and Bollywood Fusion dance – Tripat Rihal

Yoga - Deepti Verma


For more information, please contact Dr.Sungok Hong by e-mail at [email protected] or call 612-626-8082